Not your average Aussie barbeque

Smokin Barry’s is a barbeque with a different taste, flavour.
The 3 main differences are summed up with 3 single words… low, slow and smokey.
Smokin’ Barry’s barbeque gives meat the time to have the flavours introduced.

Because we use lower temperatures, the meat doesn’t dry out and remains succulent. We use special spice rubs to act as a marinade before cooking. We mop the meat during the cooking process with flavoured sauces to add more flavour and to retain and enhance the natural moistness of the meat.


Smokin Barry’s The Slow Cooked BBQ Experts

Our new store is at 153 Dorcas St South Melbourne. We are open from 10am-3pm Wednesday, 10am-9pm Thursday and Friday and 12-9pm Saturday. Smokin Barry’s Facebook page has all our restaurant info while we build our new website.

Smokin Barry’s Slow Cooked Barbeque specialise in Weddings, private catering and corporate catering and have been going strong since 2009.

If you want to experience quality slow cooked barbeque then click below for a quote and take a look at our catering packages.


Smokin Barry’s The Slow Cooked BBQ Ex

Now we have been in the Slow BBQ &catering business for 10 years and have done hundreds of weddings, cocktail parties, big buffet spreads, and corporate gigs. We were voted in the top 5 caterers in Melbourne by Age epicure just a few years ago! We specialize in American style smoked BBQ favorites like Smoked BBQ Ribs which are our flagship product, 16 Hour SmokedBrisket, 16 Hour Smoked Pulled Pork, Burgers, Sliders, Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Slow cooked chicken, and epic fresh salads. We even do brownies & cream and cakes for dessert!
We also love doing over the top food like our famous “Drew Barrymore” Hot BBQ sandwich with 9 awesome ingredients. Our Slow Cooked Ribs but just as popular are our Pulled Pork & Beef Brisket, Hot BBQ Sandwiches, our famous Barbeque Nachos & Buffalo wings, and Chili Cheese Fries. I make my own spice rubs that go on the meat prior to cooing and I also make my own BBQ sauce from scratch. In this type of BBQ, the sauce is King, although only if the meat is done to perfection too!

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